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The IFCM is committed to raising the overall standards of Carnatic music among students, aspirants and practitioners. The very concept of Centres for Musical Excellence has been necessitated by the need to refine and improve teaching methods in Carnatic music. Current methods have become stereo-typical and mechanical, and the focus is more on covering ground than on imparting quality knowledge or fostering self-enjoyment among learners. Most alarmingly, numerous inconsistencies and grammatical mistakes are often overlooked by many teachers in the name of 'serving or preserving tradition' and propagated by artistes under the banner of 'artistic license'.

Thus, there is a definite need to:

· set standards and revamp some of the current approaches and methods of teaching.

· standardise the syllabus and appoint certified teachers in various parts of the world so as to enable migrating students to continue their study seamlessly.

· create an attitude among students to pursue excellence and perfection with correctness.

encourage teachers to foster self-enjoyment among students from the early stages.

With these objectives, the IFCM has opened Centres for Musical Excellence in Chennai & Bangalore, India, and, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Sacramento & Austin, in the USA.

The IFCM intends to open more such centres in other parts of the world with quality artistes who have undergone the IFCM Teachers' Training Course. Artistes with a minimum experience of 5 years that are interested in applying for faculty positions at such centres may email IFCM .

Ravikiran pioneered the tele-teaching scheme in 1996 to benefit students who do not have access to quality guidance in their areas. The IFCM offers this programme which features lessons through audio-tapes or CDs, internet and telephone. One of the main advantages of tele-teaching is that it motivates students, gives them a sense of direction for self-improvement and energises them towards greater achievements.

Workshops, courses and music camps
IFCM regularly conducts camps and courses on Carnatic music in India and abroad, led by expert musicians and teachers. Courses and camps conducted include:

· "Carnatic Basics, voice culture and select masterpieces" - a 3 week Summer Camp in San Diego in 2006

· Select Navavarana krtis of Muttuswamy Dikshitar, Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi and Navavaratri krtis of Swati Tirunal

· Compositions of Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi

· Saptaratnas of Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi

· Navagraha and Panchalinga krtis of Muttuswami Dikshitar, Ratna trayas of Shyama Shastri, Masterpieces of Swati Tirunal and Purandara Dasa

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