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The International Foundation for Carnatic Music (IFCM) is a non-profit organisation whose main motto is 'Service to Music; Service through Music.' The IFCM not only endeavours to foster one of the world's greatest melodic art forms - Carnatic music, but also strives to promote mutual appreciation, goodwill and peace between peoples of diverse countries and cultures. It has constantly aimed to de-regionalise and de-religionise culture and has sought to benefit people from all walks of life.

Founded by Ravikiran in 1990, with the musical legend Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer as its first president, the IFCM has embraced an imaginative 3-E formula of Exposure, Education and Excellence, and has pioneered several projects that have set benchmarks in the world of culture. It has endeavoured to complement the work of like-minded organisations and has collaborated with many of them in areas of joint interest.


IFCM Online - Audios, Videos and E-books

Videos of Exquisite Geetams from (the IFCM Course book) Perfecting Carnatic Music - Level I and all Varnams and Krtis from Perfecting Carnatic Music - Level II as well as videos of T Brinda and Madurai Mani Iyer Centenary Workshops by Chitravina N Ravikiran, Rare javalis and krtis by Smt Rama Ravi, Rare Masterpieces of the Trinity by Shri P S Narayanaswami have been made available online in the music education site, acharyanet.com . Several IFCM publications as well as audio recordings are also available in the site.

IFCM-Acharyanet Certificate Exams

Following requests from various sources, the IFCM proposes to hold exams in various cities for institutions as well as private students who have followed the course material publications as also videos mentioned above. Appropriate Certificates will be issued based on Perfecting Carnatic Music - Level I and II (and higher when available). Those interested in conducting, coordinating or enrolling for these exams can get relevant information at: Acharyanet.com.


Festivals, courses and camps in India and USA

The IFCM has conducted numerous courses on "Kamakshi Navavaranams" and "Saptaratna krtis" of Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi in Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, San Diego, Dallas, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Los Angeles and several other cities over the years. Courses have also been conducted on Masterpieces of Trinity and other composers.

Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi Festivals: The IFCM has presented, initiated or sponsored festivals on Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi in Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Dallas and other cities.

Summer camp in San Diego, CA: This summer camp by IFCM-USA in July 2006 received an overwhelming response from students and music lovers across the country. Ravikiran was assisted in this camp by Akkarai Shubhalakshmi (violin). Recordings of the master classes are available for students upon request, strictly for personal progress.


The IFCM's primary objectives are:

· To promote and project the system through concerts, lecture-demonstrations and workshops.

· To set up Centres for Musical Excellence in various parts of the world with a standardised syllabus accompanied by qualitative guidance.

· To create Departments of Carnatic music in important Universities in the world.

· To encourage research in areas of artistic innovation such as Melharmony as also areas of historical significance, such as works of composers like Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi and areas of social relevance, like musopathy.

· To present and preserve music through publications and audio, visual and electronic productions.

· To recognise and bestow awards on musicians, artisans and others who have served the music field over the years.

· To promote talented artistes with performing opportunities and enable them to train under great masters.

· To use music serve society in various ways through charity shows or productions.

· To carry out any other activities to facilitate the above objectives.

The subsequent pages provide a brief outline of some of IFCM's projects and activities. To get more information on IFCM's latest productions, presentations or workshops in various cities in the world via email, please join our mailing list.


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